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The company unveiled its products at the 2013 China International Finance Fair

Release time:2017-08-14 Publisher:admin
Sponsored by the State Golden Card Project Coordination Leading Group Office, China Information Industry Association, China CCPIT electronics and Information Industries Branch assist organizers, State Golden Card project alliance networking applications, China RFID Industry Alliance co host, the largest annual exhibition of things industry recognized 2014 China international exposition of things at the grand opening of the Beijing Exhibition hall to June 3, 2014.
The main contents include: 2014 China Expo international networking forum and the twelfth Chinese (Beijing) International RFID Summit; China international smart card, 2014 RFID, sensors and networking exhibition and related professional forum.
Guangzhou Ming Sen mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Ming Sen mechanical and electrical) wonderful debut at the fair, showing its core technology and leading edge in the field of smart card equipment.
The debut in 2014 China International smart card, RFID, sensors and Internet of things exhibition, the company mainly demonstrated the latest research results, showing the mechanical and electrical card in the smart card equipment and systems leader
The overall strength of the domain, the main display equipment for:
Apply to the bank, financial IC card, social security financial card of high security, high-speed large hairpin equipment, with writing, writing, flat, concave and convex code, bronzing and other functions, speed up to 3000 / hour.
The small terminal card equipment used in financial IC card covers many functions such as write magnetic, write core, concave convex code, bronzing and so on. It is modularized and integrated.
Apply to double interface card slot milling package machine, milling, sealing, automatic, high intelligence, high precision control.
The high efficiency and high precision compound machine applied to RFID
Fine parcel machine and unmanned workshop robot
The appearance of the 2014 Chinese international Internet Expo, cleminson electromechanical display device, not only to show the high level of mechanical and software design skills, and a live demonstration of the production capacity of high efficiency and high precision. At the same time, through the display to convey the cleminson electromechanical for the future of smart card production lines to achieve unmanned factory concept, for the development of smart card guide industry of the future new target. The whole exhibition has been unanimously recognized by the industry and has achieved very good results.
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